Payroll Professionals

Payroll Professionals

As businesses grow, they must hire more employees, which can result in increased payroll administration.    How much time do you spend preparing your payroll?  Include the time spent computing and writing payroll checks, filing payroll tax forms, and preparing W-2s. Do you have an employee who is responsible for preparing payroll?  Could this employee's time be dedicated to other more profitable tasks? Would you feel safer knowing that someone who specializes in processing payroll and has expertise in the payroll area is taking care of it for you?

Did you know that each year, 1 out of 3 small businesses pays a penalty to the IRS? The IRS's payroll tax deposit rules are becoming more and stricter with each passing year.  This is the IRS's answer to making sure that all withheld payroll taxes (federal withholding, Social security, and Medicare taxes) are deposited in full, and on time.  Even the most careful small business owners can fall prey to one of the IRS's costly penalties for failing to deposit withheld payroll taxes on time.  The IRS is not well known for accepting excuses, either.

Payroll ProfessionalsWith our payroll service, you’ll never miss a tax deadline or pay the wrong amount.We can assist you in implementing the controls necessary to ensure a reliable, efficient payroll system.  We also can provide complete payroll processing and administration.

If you have had the pleasure of paying one of the IRS's penalties, you may find comfort in knowing you are not alone.  Recent statistics indicate that one out of every three businesses pays a penalty each year.  You can minimize your expenses (and penalties) by using an outside service to process your payroll.

As a  Payroll Processing provider we specialize in processing payroll, and can help you avoid costly payroll penalties and free you of many other payroll duties.  We offer the  following payroll services:

•computing and preparing payroll checks for your employees

•preparing federal and state payroll tax deposits and seeing that you make them on time

•preparing federal and state payroll reporting forms, including W-2's 

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